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Based out of Los Angeles, Steezy Society is a lifestyle brand and independent record label, it provides a platform for original music that is currently a true portal to the underground music scene. Spearheaded by Jonathan Bonner and Troy Ambroff, President and Vice-President Respectively, the label was formed in 2014, and houses artists including: 

Jonny B, Troy Cameron, Peter Miracle, Konrad Mikey, Steezy Society (Terrence O'flaherty Music), with many new artists soon to be announced.



Founders of Steezy Society Records: 

SSR Membership card


At Steezy Society, we believe in developing our artistic community on a deep, interpersonal level. That is why we developed the Steezy Society Membership Card. With the card, a member is given access to all of our music, films, and other digitized forms of art, for free.

The card remains active for all new media emerging from our art and lifestyle brand,

It grants access to our events.

Different versions of the card grant different access and discounts. 

As we update our cards, we discontinue production of previous cards.

However the access and discounts associated with that card remain. So Hold on to your card! 


THe artists

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Jonny b

Jonny B, A.K.A. Jon Bonner is an American songwriter and music artist. Raised in Kentucky, Jon became a minister at the age of 12, where he learned first hand the power of words and value of their influence. At the age of 18, he left the church to pursue music, which he feels to be a broader expression not just of his own spirituality, but of mankind as a whole.


TRoy cameron

Troy Cameron is a jack of all trades. A multi-talented, and highly accomplished singer/songwriter, as well as engineer; the Vice President of Steezy Society Records has produced or played an imperative role in nearly everything you hear under the SSR banner. Mr. Ambroff was a founding member of the band Sounds of Solidarity, which opened for acts such as Immortal Technique, U-God, Cappadonna, and Unwritten Law. As head engineer of Studio 770, he has worked with artists of all backgrounds, including Sean Kingston, Vybez Cartel, and Bangladesh. His most recent solo project, Sex On Wax, shows the depth of not only his talent, but his commitment to making quality material. Troy Cameron is the quintessential American artist, holding on to the qualities of great music and musicians of the past, while trailblazing a bright new future.


Terrence o'flaherty

Terrence O'Flaherty is an American Songwriter, DJ and producer born in Boston; currently in Los Angeles. he considers his lifestyle and artistic point of view a product of the West Coast. Terrence uses both live and electronic instrumentation.

O’Flaherty mixes traditional beats with everything from classically-inspired instruments to 90’s industrial metal, creating a hard-hitting hip-hop experience, also utilizing distorted guitar and film audio samples.

His style utilizes everything from distorted guitar and film audio samples to scores resembling the essence of video games like Final Fantasy and Zelda.

Terrence O’Flaherty pushes the limits of his style and craft and stretches the boundaries of music.

The Socialites Guidebook

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